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A Cape Cod bracelet is designed to be worn like a close-fitting bangle. The ball unscrews so that you may open up the bracelet to slip over your wrist. It is not meant to be slipped over the hand (your correct size will most likely be too small to fit over your hand.)

To ensure the recommended  fit, please measure the circumference of your wrist with a soft tape measure wrapped snugly around the wrist bone. Add half an inch to that measurement and that would be the size of the Cape Cod bracelet you need.

 For example, a wrist measuring 6" would need to order a 6.5" Cape Cod bracelet. Always round up when falling between sizes.


Below is a general guideline for the bracelet sizes. Please make sure to measure the wrist, when possible.

4.5 - Infant

5 - Children's

5.5 - Children's

6 - XS Petite Adult

6.5 - S/M Adult

7 - M Adult

7.5 - M/L

8 - L

8.5 - XL

Please see our exchange policy if you have ordered an incorrect size for your Cape Cod bracelet, Cape Cod necklace or Cape Cod ring.


Feel free to call us with any other questions or special requests